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Grotesquely Beautiful

Alyssa. 18. Univeristy Student. :) Likes food. graphics. red wine. colour red. coffee. and pretty things.

Hello everyone and welcome. If you have any questions and requests feel free to fill out the form that is right next to this box. :)

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Grotesquely Beautiful Grapgics will aim to create graphics with quotes, to provide your page with vibrant colours, and meanigful words. :)

I do not however accept requests for personalized banners or images. eg. You image, you'r logo, sort of thing. The reason behind this is that, i aim to share it with other people as well.


The images i have here are from different websites, and although sometime i do not put a link or a reference as to where i have gotten them from, it is very difficult as the source sites themselves sometimes do not credit the images they post. I do not claim the images as mine, unless they are actually mine, then i will say it is mine. :) If you are the artist or the photographer, and i have used your image, please tell me, and I will credit your work for you. And I apologize in advance.
Grotesquely Beautiful
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Broken Heart

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